Now that you've learned coding, what's next? It's daunting to start on your own. Why not find a team and an instructor to work on something?

Get access to cool data science projects with dedicated instructors

Fully-scoped projects

It's hard to think of stuff to work on. Don't worry, we've designed useful projects that put your skills to the test.

Regular instructor drop-ins

Experienced instructors will guide you every step of the way, from project direction to troubleshooting. 

Get matched to a team

Working on projects should never feel lonely. We find you project teammates who will journey together with you.


Once you pay and sign up, we will match you to 2 other members of similar skills and interest to form a team.

#01 Pay and find a team

UpLevel will design 1-month long remote projects that's appropriate to your team's skill level and your team can choose what to work on.

#02 Choose a project

After picking a project, a mentor will be assigned to you and he/she will drop in regularly to guide your team and provide feedback.

#03 Connect with an instructor

#04 Collect street cred

Once you're done, we'll provide a little boost to your CV based on what you've done in the project.

Cheryl Ng

Through our project, we dived into data functions popular today - statistics, sentiment analysis, and even language grading. Without having embarked on the projects, we would never have been able to open the doors to many different possibilities in manipulating data through Python.

Throughout it all, Jackie’s patience and guidance helped us achieve what we otherwise wouldn’t have believed we were capable of.



Jackie has been a wonderful mentor to us during our project. His attention to detail & expert domain knowledge gave us insights we could not have possibly thought of without him.

Jackie helped us push ourselves as programmers, introducing us to new concepts & guided us along the way when we needed it.

Wen Kai

I learned a lot from the projects, such as feature creeping, developer tools, fetching data from API, and working with products that deal with APIs.

Learned my own initial workflow wasn't efficient and wasn't good.

Now that I have seen how it should be done from someone. Jackie was kind enough to teach me.

Shopee x UpLevel Training Workshop

In our joint workshop with Shopee, learn how to obtain data, build models and present your data like a true data scientist


Feeling excited to work on cool stuff? 

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